Alex Attwood – video

SDLP 2012 Conference. Saturday Session. Speech by Alex Attwood, Environment Minister.

41ST ANNUAL CONFERENCE Armagh City Hotel. 2012 Conference. Ministers Speech. Alex Attwood.

Alex Attwood MLA on SF/DUP handing back welfare

SDLP Talks negotiator Alex Attwood MLA responds to the attempt by Sinn Féin and the DUP to hand power to legislate over ...

Alex Attwood defends St Mary's

Alex Attwood MLA speaks in defence of St Mary's University College following attempts to close it by Employment and Learning ...

Alex Attwood MLA describes his political motivation

Alex Attwood MLA explains that he is in politics to make things better for his children.

Alex Attwood MLA- Hope & Ambition

SDLP European election candidate Alex Attwood MLA addresses SDLP annual conference on Hope and Ambition.

Alex Attwood condemns day of violence in Belfast

SDLP Justice Spokesperson and West Belfast MLA Alex Attwood has condemed those behind continuing violence on the streets ...

Alex Attwood MLA on trident renewal

Alex Attwood MLA opposes the renewal of the Trident nuclear deterrent at a const of at least £170 billion.

Alex Attwood defends St Mary's

West Belfast MLA Alex Attwood defends St Mary's in the face of proposed closure as a result of austerity cuts.

Alex Attwood lone studio interview

Alex Attwood lone studio interview.

Alex Attwood: Towards a New Europe

Video message for the 2014 European elections.

Alex Attwood announces planning permission for National Stadium Football

THE Irish FA today welcomed Alex Attwood's( Environment Minister) announcement that planning permission has been granted ...

Alex Attwood MLA demands Sinn Féin withdraw their accusations about Paul Quinn

West Belfast MLA Alex Attwood passionately demands that members of Sinn Féin withdraw their accusations about Paul Quinn ...

Alex Attwood challenges Finance Minister on Public Pensions Bill

West Belfast MLA and SDLP European Election candidate Alex Attwood challenges the Finance Minister on Public Pensions.

02 - DOE Minister Alex Attwood MLA

Alex Attwood MLA took up his post as Minister of the Environment in May 2011. Alex Attwood was elected as an MLA for West ...

Alex Attwood MLA speaks on the recall of the Civic Forum

SDLP West Belfast MLA Alex Attwood speaks on an SDLP motion in the assembly calling for the re-establishment of the Civic ...

Alex Attwood defends Trade Union involvement in Pensions Bill

SDLP MLA Alex Attwood defends the role of Trade Unions in achieving better conditions for workers and argues for their key ...

Alex Atwood: The Northern Ireland Perspective

Alex Attwood MLA, Minister of the Environment at the Department of the Environment, Northern Ireland Assembly, speaks at the ...

Alex Attwood - Downtown

Alex Attwood - Downtown.

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