Alexei Sayle – video

The All New Alexei Sayle Show 2 - BBC 1995 - Anarchic Comedy Insights From The Scouse Sartre.

Always surprising & never boring, if you think you don't like Alexei Sayle, you probably haven't watched him - so give him try!

Alexei Sayle on Corbyn and the Left (12/9/19)

From "Alexei Sayle's Imaginary Sandwich Bar" (12/9/19) Alexei Sayle offers his thoughts on Jeremy Corbyn, the Left, and ...

Alexei Sayle and Stewart Lee talk about Thatcher Stole My Trousers

Alexei Sayle's new memoir, Thatcher Stole My Trousers, is out 10 March. Buy the book: "What I brought to ...

Alexei Sayle Singing Dr Martens Boots on the Tube

Recorded on TV program 'The Tube' about 1982.

Alexei Sayle on Politics

Alexei Sayle's Stuff. Series 1 episode 2. First aired Oct 1988. Copyright owned by BBC Worldwide Ltd.

Alexei Sayle on the far-left revolutionaries..30 years on

Brixton in south London 30 years ago was a hotbed of revolutionaries - and one retired ex dissident, the comedian Alexei Sayle, ...

Alexei Sayle as Benito Mussolini

In an episode of the Young Ones, Alexei Sayle's famous impression of the deceased Italian fascist dictator.

Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast - with Alexei Sayle #38

Mouse Killing Alarm Clock Richard has a pus-filled finger, which is disgusting even in audio, but that doesn't stop the people at ...

Alexei Sayle on OTT 1982

Clip of the second show from the controverial Central TV show OTT. A fairly representative clip - Tiswasy desk stuff, bit of sexism, ...

Alexei Sayle's Stuff -series 2 from 1990

with the spoof Micky Mouse Club intro, "Steamboat Fatty", several very funny sketches set in Post Offices, Court Rooms and the ...

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