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Wizard101: MY LUCK WAS ACTUALLY GOOD! - New Spellemental Pack Opening

Wizard101: New Spellemental Road Warrior's Pack Opening! LIKE if you enjoyed the video, thanks! Subscribe for more videos!

Wizard101: Darkmoor Lvl 100 Dungeon - "Castle Darkmoor" (Part 1/2)

Here it is, the first part of the Lvl 100 Darkmoor Dungeon. Let's see how many likes we can get for this epic new dungeon!

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Wizard101: One Million Heal!!! - BlazeLifehammer

We go for the epic One Million Heal and discover the new badge. If you enjoyed the video please leave a like, I really appreciate it ...

Wizard101 Gear Guide: BEST GEAR LVL 50-99

Wizard101: Best Gear for levels 50-99. Thanks to everyone that watched and liked the first gear guide. Here's the next one! LIKE if ...

Xibalba Finale: Last Dungeon of Azteca

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Wizard101: BEST Storm Stats with Dragoon Gear!! (Level 130)

Wizard101: New Best Gear for Storm Level 130! LIKE if you enjoyed the video, thanks! Subscribe for more videos!

Wizard101: FINALLY! - Storm 130 BEST Gear Setup!

Wizard101 Storm 130 Gear Setup - Paradox Gear Subscribe for more videos!

FIRST EVER PvP 3v3 w/ Blue and Louis!! (Livestream Highlight)

Leave a like for my first PvP match!! Click here to subscribe ⇨⇨⇨ Subscribe to Blue's Channel: ...


Wizard101 Golem Court Underground & Catacombs Dungeon Become a Channel Supporter! New rewards: ...

Wizard101: Zeus Exalted Challenge

Fighting the Aquilan gods again in this new challenge! LIKE if you enjoyed the video, thanks! Don't miss any videos, subscribe!


Wizard101 FINAL BOSS - The Devourer Become a Channel Supporter! New rewards: ...

Wizard101: Khrysalis Part 2 Final Boss - The Battle with Morganthe

This is it, the Finale of all of Khrysalis. Click here to subscribe ⇨⇨⇨ Sub to Blue: ...

Wizard101: SINBAD & IRON SULTAN GAUNTLET - Level 130

Running the new Wizard101 Iron Sultan Gauntlet for Level 130!! Subscribe for more videos!


Wizard101: Fire Questing in Empyrea Part 2 LIKE if you're watching live!! Subscribe for more videos!

Who Are My Other Wizard101 Characters?

Taking a look the other characters I never use on my Wizard101 account. LIKE the video if you enjoyed! Don't miss any videos, ...

Wizard101: Malistaire's Dungeon - On New Characters??

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