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Ernestine Jackson - Biography

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Ernestine Jackson on Culture of Fear and Intimidation

Ernestine Jackson, candidate for the 4 year term of the Peoria District 150 School Board shares her thoughts on the culture within ...

Ernestine Jackson - Top Priority

Ernestine Jackson outlines her Top Priority if elected, and why it's so important for the future of our public schools.

Ernestine Jackson on What Makes Her Stand Out

Ernestine Jackson is no stranger to Peoria communities or issues regarding our public school system. Hear what makes her stand ...

Ernestine Jackson - A Short Bio

Want to know more about Ernestine Jackson, our endorsed candidate for School Board - 4 year term? Watch, Like, and Share!

Ernestine Anderson - Milt Jackson - Summertime

1994 Ernestine Anderson in Hungary with Benkó Dixieland Band (rehearse)

Ernestine Jackson on Community

Ernestine Jackson, candidate for the 4 year seat talks about the importance of community engagement and the best way to start ...

Dr Ernestine Jackson on UniverSoul Circus float!

MLK Parade/UniverSoul Circus float in Savannah, GA in January 2010.

Ernestine Anderson and The Ray Brown trio incl Monty Alexander 1979

Ernestine was on tour with her manager Ray Brown and Monty Alexander . in this concert the songs Got The world on a string ...

Scena from "Ernestine" (Remastered)

Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Scena from "Ernestine" (Remastered) · Paul Freeman · Joseph Bologne, ...

Ernestine Jackson on Truancy

Listen to Change150 endorsed candidate Ernestine Jackson on addressing the truancy problem in District 150.

DR ERNESTINE JACKSON sees President Obama!

Dr Ernestine Jackson traveled to Washington, DC and saw President Obama in his motorcade!

Raisin: Sweet Time

Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Raisin: Sweet Time · Ernestine Jackson · Joe Morton · Raisin Original ...

Ernestine Jackson on the District's $10,000 Basketball Game

Ernestine Jackson, candidate for the 4 year seat, discusses the District's decision to spend $10000 to take students to a Bradley ...

Ernestine Gossips with Cher

A classic from the Cher Show.

1984 München -2 Milt Jackson + Ernestine Anderson - In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down

1984, München; Philip Morris Super Band-part-2: Milt Jackson (vib) Monty Alexander (p) Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen (b) Ed ...

Ernestine Jackson Bloomington HRC

Appreciation from the city of Bloomington HRC.

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