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Superoutbreak 2011 Roundtable

Meteorologists Dr. Greg Forbes, Stu Ostro, Jim Cantore, Jeff Morrow and Chris Warren discuss why the April 27, 2011 outbreak ...

Storm Riders - Dr. Greg Forbes (Season 2, Episode 6)

Enjoy another episode of Storm Riders! (03/17/11) Weather expert Dr. Greg Forbes goes along for the chase. (2009-) Fresh off ...

TWC Coverage of Cullman EF4 Tornado by Dr Greg Forbes - 4/27/11

TWC Coverage of Cullman EF4 Tornado by Dr Greg Forbes.

Introducing: Dr. Greg Forbes

Mike Bettes and Sarah Dillingham introduce weather expert Dr. Greg Forbes.

Experts on Record-Widest Tornado

Severe Weather Expert, Dr. Greg Forbes, and Digital Meteorologist Nick Wiltgen with breaking news about the new National ...

Special Message from Dr. Greg Forbes

Dr. Greg Forbes sits with Storm Tracker Jim Cantore to discuss his important Message.

Storm Master G: Hes got storms covered

The Weather Channels Severe Weather expert may be known as Dr. Greg Forbes, but around here we call him Storm Master G.

Connect with Weather: Dr. Greg Forbes

The Weather Channel's Dr. Greg Forbes explains the benefits of being prepared for severe weather conditions.

ChaserCon 2014: Dr. Greg Forbes "1974 Super Outbreak in Review" (Pt.1)

Dr. Greg Forbes presentation during the 2014 ChaserCon about the 1974 Super Outbreak & lessons learned.

Dr. Forbes Examines Tornado

The Weather Channel Severe Weather Expert Dr. Greg Forbes talkes to Julie Martin about the damage he is seeing after a ...

The Science Behind a Tornado With Dr. Greg Forbes

Storm Master G Dr. Greg Forbes gives in-depth analysis on how a Tornado Forms.

Why are we so Gullible? - Dr. Greg Forbes

A lecture on the topics of reason, skepticism, and science.

Dr. Greg Forbes joins Twitter

The Weather Channel severe weather expert Dr. Greg Forbes finally joins Twitter. Jim Cantore welcomes him on the air!

Weather and Climate Summit - Day 2, Dr. Greg Forbes

SESSION 3: Greg Forbes, The Weather Channel Topic: Deadly 2011 Severe Weather and Lessons Learned.

TWC Coverage of Greene-Tuscaloosa Tornado - 4/27/11

This is the coverage of the EF4 tornado in Green and Tuscaloosa counties that I recorded prior to losing power.

Report from Tornado Scene

Dr. Greg Forbes, Mike Bettes, and Jim Cantore, are in Oklahoma with the latest on the Sunday tornado outbreak that killed one, ...

Deadly 2011 Tornado Outbreak

The Weather Channel severe weather expert Dr. Greg Forbes looks back at the Super Outbreak of April 2011. More than 300 ...

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