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The Atanasoff-Berry Computer In Operation

[Recorded: 1999] The Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC) occupies a special place in the history of computing in part for its technical ...

Interview with John V. Atanasoff

Clarance Larson interview with John V. Atanasoff, computer pioneer, on March 19, 1985.

From One John V. Atanasoff (clip)

Nearly 45 years ago, a young physics professor named John Vincent Atanasoff conceived and built the first electronic digital ...

(AV13600 AV13601 AV13602) From one John V. Atanasoff

An account of the life and work of John V. Atanasoff and the creation and development of the ABC computer while at Iowa State ...

The inventor of the first computer - John Atanasoff Jr. talks about his father's legacy

"It was an all-consuming effort," recalled John Atanasoff Jr., who was just 5 when his father was inventing the computer.

John Vincent Atanasoff

Bilgisayarın babası, John Vincent Atanasoff...

Atanasoff and the Computer; an Invention that Changed the World

A documentary about John Vincent Atanasoff, the inventor of the digital computer. This video was made for Iowa National History ...

(AV17651) The Man Who Invented the Computer- The Biography of John Atanasoff

Description: The Man Who Invented the Computer- The Biography of John Atanasoff Lecturer: Jane Smiley Date Created: 3/3/11 ...

The Atanasoff-Berry Computer Replica

This video gives a brief history of the original Atanasoft-Berry Computer (ABC) built by John Vincent Atanasoff and Clifford Berry.

Atanasoff: Father of The Computer (Documentary)

Most people know who invented the telephone. The light bulb. The airplane. But what about the first computer? Atanasoff: Father ...

A historia de John Vincent Atanasoff.

John Vincent Atanasoff (4 de outubro de 1903 - 15 de junho de 1995) foi um físico americano e inventor, mais conhecido por ser ...

John Vincent Atanasoff \ ჯონ ვინსენტ ათანასოფი

John Vincent Atanasoff \ ჯონ ვინსენტ ათანასოფი.

How to pronounce John Vincent Atanasoff (American English/US) -

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John Vincent Atanasoff

MUH 152-Homework 2 Hikmet Mete Varol.

John Atanasoff in One Minute

John Atanasoff in One Minute by Abbas Mirza CSE 301 - Fall 2011 History of Computing Stony Brook University ...

Hamilton Tribute to John V. Atanasoff

The Village of Hamilton,NY presents a tribute to the inventor of the modern computer, John V. Atanasoff.

Atanasoff and the Computer: An Invention that Changed the World V2

This is the 2nd version of the Atanasoff and the Computer National History Day project. This was made for the Iowa NHD state ...

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