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Pokemon Roaring Skies Elite Trainer Box - The most EX cards in the whole Galactal Universe!

I just got a brand NEW Roaring Skies Elite Trainer box, loaded with EX and FULL ART EX cards in the whole Galactal Universe!

Jenna Em Channel VS Matt Crushes Games! Pokemon BREAKpoint Pack Battle!

My 10 yr old son battles Matt Crushes Games in this Pokemon XY BREAKpoint booster pack battle! If you find a "secret", put it in ...

Matt Crushes Fortnite!

Matt Crushes Fortnite!

Jenna Em Pokemon Channel Interviews Matt Crushes Games!

My 10 yr old son interviews Matt of the Matt Crushes Games Pokechannel! Matt ALSO interviews the Jenna Em channel here: ...

PACK BATTLE! - Steam Siege Rayquaza Blister Pack Opening VS. Matt Crushes Games!

EPIC pack battle vs Matt Crushes Games! Steam Siege Rayquaza Blister Pack opening with 3 Steam Siege booster packs!

MTG Modern Masters 2015 Booster Box Opening - All Great Mythics and Awesome Rare Cards!

I had to sell over 200 of my favorite cards, but I did it! I got a Modern Masters 2015 Booster Box! Great Mythics! Awesome Rares!

Pokemon Cards - Pack Battle vs. Matt Crushes Games! | #MLPB Season 2

Link to Master Matt Crushes Games video: My Major League Pack Battles ...

Matt Crushes the experimental games of Daniel Benmergui

How does a 4-year old gamer like Matt chill out after a hard day of crushing bad guys? Why, by relaxing with some of the finest ...

Pokemon Steam Siege Prerelease and Pack Opening! Check out my AWESOME Pulls!

I went to the STEAM SIEGE prelease today because I'm SO EXCITED for this new set. Can I get the promo Volcanion? I met a lot ...

Matt Crushes Castle Crashers

Four-Year-Old Matt crushes the bad guys and saves the princesses as he beats the boss in Castle Crashers on the Xbox 360!

My Star City Games Creature Collection for MTG

I have been collecting the Star City Games Creature Collection tokens. Come take a look!!! If you'd like to send me something to ...

BREAKthrough Pack Battle vs Matt Crushes Games!!!

Hey Everyone! Today I am having my VERY FIRST pack battle vs Matt Crushes Games! In this video I will be opening 3 ...

Pokemon Evolutions Prerelease and Pack Opening! I got the SECRET RARE I wanted!

I went to the Pokemon Evolutions prerelease today and I'm SO EXCITED for this new set. I hope I can keep my streak of getting a ...

Pack Battle vs. Matt Crushes Games! Tie Breaker?!

Hey everyone!! So excited to be having another pack battle! Matt from Matt Crushes Games was nice enough to do another one ...

Celebrating my 250th Video with a MASSIVE 150+ pack Pokemon TCGO Opening!

I'm celebrating my 250th Youtube video today with a MASSIVE Pokemon TCGO pack opening marathon. Over 150 packs, from ...

Pokemon Generations Booster Pack Opening (GREAT PULL!) | Pack Battle VS. Matt Crushes Games!

I open 2 Generations booster packs from a Jirachi Mythical Collection box in this pack battle vs. Matt Crushes Games! Who won?

Pokemon Evolutions Booster Box Opening PART 1 - EX Cards, Secret Rares, and SO MANY HOLOS!

I'm SO EXCITED to open a Booster Box of the BRAND NEW Pokemon Evolutions set! The art on all these classic Pokemon are ...


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