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Mediterranean Orzo salad

It's light, refreshing and perfect for a party or a Spring day! With just a few ingredients you can put together a yummy salad that ...

What's cooking ShallZ - Ghormeh Sabzi with Chicken

Ghormeh Sabzi - a green a flavorful stew with kidney beans and a true staple in the Persian Cuisine. Typically it is made with beef ...

House of Iran, March 27, 2016

On March 27, 2016, The House of Iran presented its annual music, dance and cultural arts program, here in San Diego's House of ...

Cheesy Potatoes

Perfect for brunch or your next potluck. I make this for my co-workers and it disappears within minutes.

Fox5 - Collagen in Foods/Weed for Morning Sickness - May 15, 2018

Dr Chaffoo talks with Shally Zomorodi of Fox 5 San Diego about new medical and health trends regarding collagen being ...

Iranian Girl Dance - FOX5 TV

Fox5 TV - Iranian Reporter Dance.

News Anchor tricked into licking iPad on April Fools' Day 2011

FOX 5 news anchor Rauol Martinez tricks his co-anchor, Shally Zomorodi, into licking an iPad on April Fools` Day 2011.

Shally Zomorodi Live from our Encinitas Location !

Shally Zomorodi Live from our Encinitas Location ! See how we welcome the new member of the FOX5 San Diego News family.

Shally Zomorodi Dedication

Dedication to Shally Zomorodi "The Emerald Eyes" of San Diego and the Fox 5 Morning News Crew.............for always keeping it ...

Shakh SHOW | Shally Zomorodi Fox TV | تصاوير فوق العاده از شالى زمردى مجرى زيبا و ايرانى فاكس نيوز

مجرى زن زيباى ايرانى Shally Zomorodi is a standout amongst the most powerful columnists perceived as a face of Fox 5 Morning ...

Fox 5 San Diego - New Exercise Guidelines - November 13, 2018

Fox5's Shally Zomorodi talks with Dr Chaffoo regarding the new exercise guidelines that was just released.

Dancing with Our Stars

Meeting the contestants for Dancing with our Stars.

TV anchor scared with snake during live newscast

Brad Wills used a snake to scare Shally Zomorodi during the morning show.

Shally Dancing with Our Stars Update

We are giving you an update on our fun dancing skills.

Reshteh Khoshkar - In the kitchen with my Mommy - Ti Janeh Ghorban

It is one of my favorite sweet treats. Reshteh Khoshkar is from a part of Iran called Rasht. My Mom was born and raised there.

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