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"Wall in your heart" Shelby Lynne (with lyrics)

"Wall in your heart" Shelby Lynne w. lyrics. I feel your pain I feel the rain What happened to you I can't get to you Cause there's a ...

Shelby Lynne - Things Are Tough All Over (with lyrics)

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Shelby Lynne at peace with murderous father

The father of American singer-songwriter Shelby Lynne killed her mother in 1986. Then he commited suicide. "I've made peace ...

Shelby Lynne - It Might Be Me (1991)

Missing County USA presents Missing Country Tracks on You Tube. From the album 'Soft Talk'. Written by Chuck Jones and J.D. ...

Shower routine🛁

hey guys here is my shower routine ,sorry its short but my showers are simple and short XOXOX.

Gender Reveal Vlog #6

Hey guys here is our gender reveal Vlog style hope you guys like it XOXOXO Last video~ Social ...

Summer Mermaid Look

Hey guys I hope you enjoy Second time is a charm. XOXOX Social Media- Instagram-SmilyShelbi Snapchat-Smily_Shelbi ...

Shelby Lynne ~ I Only Want To Be With You.....w/Lyrics

I do not own the music and copyright infringement is not intended. This fan video is purely for fun and to introduce the music of ...

Night Time Routine⭐️🌙

Hey guys here is my night time routine I hope you guys like it XOXOX.

31-35 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Last video~ Social Media Instagram~

Final Space Season 2 Soundtrack: Mother by Shelby Merry ("Through the Atmosphere")

The song from the end to season 2 episode 5 of Final Space. Also known as "Through the Atmosphere." Piano ...

Pregnancy update weeks 6-15/how I found out I was pregnant

Hey guys here with an exciting video I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!!. I don't think there is much more to say lol XOXOXO Last ...

Chit Chat GRWM

hope you guys like this video its different then what I normally do XOXOXO Last video~ Social ...

Where Have I Been

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted in a while it is all explained in the video XOXO.

12 Days of Christmas Look #12

Last video~ Social Media Instagram~

I let My Instagram Followers Pick My Makeup

Hey guys grab a snack and a drink cause its a long one,watch me use the makeup that my Instagram followers picked.Hope you ...

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