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Programmer Highlights: Thom Powers

DP/30: TIFF 2016 Docs w/ Programmer Thom Powers

He's the top vote in the doc program at the Toronto International Film Festival, one of the most important doc fests in the world.

DP?30 Tiff 2014 Documentary Preview, with Thom Powers

A chat with the top programmer for documentaries at the Toronto International Film Festival on the occasion of the announcement ...

Thom Powers of The Naked and Famous, Treasure Island Music Fest 2011

Treasure Island photos:

I Was Blacklisted By Thom Powers

Another film that Toronto International Film Festival programmer Thom Powers would rather you didn't see.

Thom Powers presents a DOCNYC festival overview

Check out the DOCNYC Film Festival at In this video, artistic director Thom Powers tells us about the ...

Marcel Ophuls in Conversation with Thom Powers

Pioneering French documentarian Marcel Ophuls in conversation with MFA Social Documentary Film faculty member Thom ...

DP/30 TIFF Sneak: Middle East docs with Thom Powers

Silvered Water: Syria Self-Portrait, Iraqi Odyssey, and This Is My Land are all films set in current conflicts in the Middle East.

DP/30 by Skype: Talking TIFF Documentaries 2015 with programmer Thom Powers

If you want to get your doc into the Toronto International Film Festival (or a number of other important fests), he's The Man. He talks ...

DP/30 TIFF Sneak: On Nick Broomfield's Latest with Thom Powers

Tales of the Grim Sleeper has the great Nick Broomfield investigating serial killer Lonnie Franklin with the help of his son and Pam ...

DP/30 TIFF Sneak: Ethan Hawke's doc with Thom Powers

Seymour: An Introduction is a new doc from Ethan Hawke. It's about the life of a retired concert pianist who now teaches music ...

Visionaries Tribute 2017 presented by Thom Powers

Thom Powers begins the Visionaries Tribute with a powerful speech.

DP/30 - My First Movie: Kickstarter Update #7, starring TIFF's Thom Powers

Thom Powers heads up doc programming for the Toronto International Film Festival. We recently Skyped a DP/30 about the ...

DP/30 via Skype: Toronto International Film Festival doc programmer, Thom Powers on 2013 docs

The 2013 doc program for the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival was announced the morning this interview was Skyped.

Artistic Thom Powers on COVID-19 and the Filmmaking Community

On Friday, March 27, Thom Powers introduced our first free webinar, New Strategies for Distribution. You can find the full transcript ...

Thom Powers introduces Launch PAD at Branded Content Panel during DOC NYC 2011

Check out the New York Documentary Film Festival at Thom Powers discusses "Launch PAD " and ...

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