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Wally Boag and Betty Taylor in Disneyland's Golden Horseshoe Revue

RIP Wally Boag 1920-2011. Betty Taylor and Wally Boag perform "Pecos Bill" at the 10000th performance of the Golden ...

Wally Boag Dancing

Legendary Comedian from the Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland.

Mickey Mouse Club: Wally Boag

Disney Legend Wally Boag joins Mouseketeers Annette, Cheryl, Doreen, and Bonnie in "Boagaloons," a third season segment ...

Golden Horseshoe Revue Wally Boag

The Original Golden Horseshoe Review with Wally Boag.

Wally Boag on The Ed Sullivan Show

On October 4, 2011, SOFA Entertainment will release FOUR ED SULLIVAN SHOWS STARRING THE ROLLING STONES. This 2 ...

Extinct Attractions: Disney Legend Wally Boag interview with David Oneal

Extinct Attractions: Disney Legend Wally Boag interview with David Oneal.

Wally Boag

Its Just about Wally Boag!..

Interview: Wally Boag (Golden Horseshoe Revue; Tiki Room; Absent-Minded Professor)

Wally Boag starred in Disneyland's Golden Horseshoe Revue stage show from 1955 to 1982. During that time, some of his other ...

WTTM CVS SS12 - A Conversation with Wally Boag - NFFC 2008"

BONUSODE #12 These shows are a special gift to all of you from the members of the WTTM recurring supporters club.

Disneyland funest Wally Boag & Fulton, talk about Walt Disney. (Dick Hardwick)

This video I was able to find. Its a very small clip of Wally Boag & Fulton,Betty Taylor & Dick Hardwick.. from the Golden Horseshoe ...

Mickey Mouse Club S3 - The Boagy Shoppe (ft. Wally Boag)

Originally aired on December 9, 1957 (Fun With Music Day) Intro by Cubby O'Brien Guest Starring Wally Boag With Annette ...

Mickey Mouse Club S1 - Wally Boag

Originally Aired on October 4, 1955 (Guest Star Day) Guest Star (s): Wally Boag With Mickey Rooney Jr., Mary Espinosa, Paul ...

Wally Boag & Betty Taylor Inducted Into IAAPA Hall Of Fame

Wally Boag & Betty Taylor Inducted Into IAAPA Hall Of Fame. Marty Sklar accepts the award.

Enchanted Tiki Room: The Curse of Wally Boag

Mike and Heidi made a spin off of the amazing Jungle Skippers "John and Crystal's" version of this. Hooray!! :)

All about Wally Boag-Disneylands Finest!

This is just some clips put together on Wally Boag and those who love him! Come check out more at www.apepenpublishing.com ...

Wally Boag Traveling Salesman

Here is the rest people have asked for.

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